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Jill Landrith School of Dance



The Jill Landrith School of Dance faculty firmly believe in the importance of dance training and the sense of well-being and self-confidence it provides.  Dance training not only improves the body physically, but it also strengthens self-esteem and discipline.  These qualities will carry over to all areas of life.
The training at the Jill Landrith School of Dance is excellent for the recreational dancer as well as the budding professional.  Jill’s students have gone on in dance, performing professionally with such companies as Momix, Central West Ballet, California Ballet Company, Tulsa Ballet Theater, Atlanta Ballet, and Janice Garrett and Dancers to name just a few.  The school is equally pleased to have provided quality training to students who are not pursuing a professional dance career, but rather use the qualities strengthened in dance to become doctors, journalists, graphic designers, teachers, etc.
Ballet is the basis of all dance forms.  Ballet carefully develops strength, balance, style, and the mental and physical discipline required for the proper execution of dance movements.  Without a solid foundation in ballet, progress in all other forms of dance is minimal.  Therefore, in our school, ballet is the main emphasis, although, we do offer classes in other dance forms.
The Jill Landrith School of Dance believes that learning proper technique is paramount to learning routines, and so we devote more time to training than to performing.  Join us for our annual recital.

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Jill Landrith

Studio Owner - Ballet, Pas de Deux, Kinesiology

Jill Landrith has been teaching dance since 1978 and is the owner of the Jill Landrith School of Dance. She is currently on faculty in Wichita State University’s Dance Department lecturing in Dance History. Jill is the Artistic Director of Metropolitan Ballet, Inc. after being the Artistic Director of Metropolitan Ballet of Wichita (now known as Ballet Wichita) for twenty years, after being Associate Artistic Director for five years.

Jill was a soloist with the Aachen Ballet in West Germany and a member of Ballet Met of Columbus, Ohio. While she was still in Germany, Jill appeared as a Guest Artist with noted choreographer Robert Wexler, and had many roles created on her by Thorsten Muller. It is her goal to make similar opportunities available for her students now. Jill’s dance training includes extensive work with David Howard, Maggie Black, Rebecca Wright and Francoise Martinet in New York City, and Bill Martin-Viscount in Texas. Jill began her studies in dance with her mother, June Landrith.

Jill created an innovative introduction to dance and the arts open to all children five to ten years of age for Unified School District 265 in Goddard, Kansas, and directed that program for nine years. She featured in an article in the October 2004 issue of Dancer magazine. Recently, she was a guest teacher for the Washington Ballet School, and has also been a guest teacher for The Springfield Ballet, as well as for schools in New Jersey, Florida, and throughout Kansas.

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Kylee Tucker


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Kelsie Martin-Smith

Tap, Jazz

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Rhiannon Vieyra


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